About Rohit Gulam

I’m a web developer and creator and I believe that every person, business and organization should have a great website.

Social media is fine but it’s not enough. What happens if you get banned and you lose everything you’ve worked hard for? That’s why everyone needs a website and needs to own their audience.

My goal is to create a place where businesses can send their customers to find out about their latest content. Within your website you have full ownership of what you do, you can update your content however you want and there’s no one to ban you from your own website. 

Freelance WordPress Developer, Rohit Gulam

The Secret Behind WordPress

WordPress powers 42% of the web. This means that there’s a chance you’ve come across a WordPress site before (Like this one!)

There’s a reason why WordPress dominates the web. And it’s multiple reasons actually. 

I won’t bore with why you should choose WordPress over other platforms but I will tell you why I use WordPress for my websites and why I recommend my clients do the same.

  1. WordPress is easy to manage.
  2. WordPress comes with SEO built-in
  3. Clients can maitain their own content.
  4. You can make any type of website with WordPress
  5. Coding knowledge is not required to manage a WordPress site

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